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Customer service and what it means today

April 7, 2010 - Updated: April 7, 2010

What do the words customer service mean to you today? Lately I have been finding myself questioning the words, slogans or phrases that people and companies are using today to promote an image. I find too many people these days will just say something without really meaning it or living it in the intended form. Let me explain. In the real estate industry an agent deals with countless third parties on a daily basis that are related to the multitude of tasks required to be a successful real estate agent. Lawyers, home inspectors, bankers, other real estate companies (brokerages), real estate agents, builders and their representatives, insurance agents and the list goes on and on. Each and every one of these professions are here to serve in one way or another the real estate buying and selling Jane/Joe Public. I realize that the demands put on these professionals today is high and stress and your ability to manage it around you is certainly a job requirement. But one should never take their eye of the ball on what is ultimately the reason many of us have a career, which is to be of service to all involved during a transaction. I recently was asked by a client who purchased a brand new condo four years ago to attend the PDI inspection of their new condo as they are currently residing outside the country after the project had been delayed for 14 months. Now dealing with a client who is not available locally to deal with the tasks needed to successfully close on such a transaction is difficult at best! But the lawyer, finance people and me, their Realtor are all working cooperatively to serve our mutual clients needs. Unfortunately I cannot say the same thing for the builders representatives. Without getting into exact details all I will say is that in my experience many purchasers have little faith in the new construction side of the real estate businesses and it's a reputation that has been well deserved. Now this is not to say that there aren't some ethical, customer focused individuals or builders out there who do stand out above the others, but personally I can probably count on one hand of the many I have met and dealt with over the past 14 years. If more time and maybe better systems were put in place to ensure the customer service mind set was actually carried out and not just mere words on a sign, it would make for a much better buying experience for all! I know it sounds simple but if you keep your promises (like you expect the buyer to do), offer compassion and understanding to the buyer throughout the process that you alone are almost always responsible for dragging out well past the date you place in your marketing and to just generally care about the product you are selling and the people who are buying from you, you might just be surprised at what this could do for your future sales. Three simple things I know but try it...you might like it?

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